Message from Acting Executive Director



Singapore is one of the busiest ports in the world in terms of vessel arrival tonnage which amounted to 2.5 billion gross tons in 2015. At the same time, the container throughput in Singapore was 30.9 million TEUs. Singapore is also the top bunkering port in the world with more than 45 million tonnes in total bunker sales in ​2015. As a global maritime hub, Singapore has built her reputation as an International Maritime Centre.

Singapore’s maritime ecosystem comprises about 130 international shipping groups, over 5,000 other maritime service establishments employing more than 170,000 people, and contributing about seven per cent to the Republic’s gross domestic product. Singapore is home to the two leading offshore oil-rig builders in the world and approximately 70 per cent of the jack-up rigs in the world which are used for oil exploration and drilling are built here. R&D i​s a vital pillar supporting Singapore's competitiveness as a leading international maritime and offshore centre and global hub port.

Maritime Institute @ NTU (MI@NTU) is formed to drive and coordinate maritime research and education activities within NTU so as to serve the needs of the maritime industry and to build infrastructure facilities to support maritime research at NTU. MI@NTU works closely with the Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) to support its operations and initiatives.

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the multifaceted objectives of MI@NTU are to

  1. establish a broad-based maritime education and research platform at NTU, leveraging on NTU’s core ​ competencies and partnering the industry;
  2. partner SMI, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Singapore Economic and Development Board, and Agency for Science, Technology and Research to champion maritime science and technology development;
  3. attract, retain and support world-class maritime researchers; and
  4. foster a culture of innovation in maritime research and technology.


MI@NTU partners the relevant schools at NTU to strengthen maritime education and training at NTU. Presently, the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering offers BEng (Mechanical Engineering) programme with final year specialization in naval architecture and marine engineering, and MSc (Mechanical Engineering) programme with specialization in naval architecture and marine engineering. In collaboration with BI Norwegian School of Management, the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering awards BSc and MSc degrees in Maritime Studies. In addition, NTU together with the University of Southampton, UK, offers a NTU-University of Southampton Joint PhD programme in maritime engineering.

In research funding, MI@NTU has secured about S$19 million under the SMI’s thematic grant calls and ad-hoc project applications. The SMI’s thematic grant calls included i) Maritime Energy Systems, ii) Deepwater Technology, iii) Simulation & Modelling, iv) Asset Integrity & Risk Management, and v) Maritime Sustainability. One of the ad-hoc projects is a grant of S$ 4.7 million for the set-up of the Maritime Energy Test Bed (METB). MI@NTU will continue to bid for further research grants in future SMI’s grant calls as well as joint industry projects.

MI@NTU looks forward to working with the local maritime industry and national agencies to chart new frontiers in the fast-growing maritime sector.

Professor Lua Aik Chong
Acting Executive Director
Maritime Institute @ NTU