Research Areas


Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • ​​​​Ship Design
  • Ship Propulsion Systems
  • Ship Construction
  • Ship Life Cycle Operation

Maritime Clean Energy
  • Improved Ship Design for Better Fuel Efficiency
  • Propulsion and Power Generation Concepts Using Alternative Energy Source
  • Clean Technologies for Treating Emission Streams to Air and Water

Maritime Technology and Environment
  • Deepwater Technology and Offshore Engineering
  • Advanced Materials to Save Weight and Reduce Costs
  • Cooperative Sensor Network Clusters for Port and Maritime Security
  • Visualisation and Inspection of Underwater Objects Using Gated Imaging
  • Management of Ship Waste and Emissions

Maritime Logistics and Operations
  • Decision Support Systems for Port and Ship Operations
  • Capability Optimization in Maritime Operations
  • Visualisation for Maritime Operations
  • Information Technology and Operations Management

Maritime Policy and Security
  • Maritime Safety and Security
  • Maritime Management and Regime Building
  • Ocean Governance

Maritime Business and Economics
  • Economics and Risk Management
  • Performance of Port and Shipping Companies in the Global Supply Chain
  • Strategic Port and Shipping Management in the New Era