Undergraduate Programmes


BEng (Mechanical Engineering) – Marine and Offshore Engineering Specialization
Must read three major prescribed elective courses from the following courses:

​Course Code Course Tilte​ Semester​ Pre-Requisite​ Availablity to Exchange Student​
​​MA3005 ​Control Theory (Core) ​​​1 & 2 ​Haivng read MA2006​ No​
​​MA4002 ​​Fluid Dynamics (Core) ​​​1 & 2 ​MA3006 ​Yes
​MA4856 ​Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering  (compulsory course) ​1 ​Nil ​Yes
​MA4803 ​Noise & Vibration Control 1​ ​Nil ​Yes
​MA4807 ​Marine Structural Integrity ​2 ​MA2001 ​Yes
​MA4808 ​Marine Control Systems ​2 ​Nil ​Yes
​MA4871 ​Non-Destructive Testing ​2 ​Nil ​Yes

BSc (Maritime Studies)
Specialization Course (Core Electives)

​Course Code Course Title​ Pre-Requisite​​
MT4101​ Intermodal Transportation​ Nil​
​MT4102 ​Distribution and Warehousing ​Nil
​MT4103 ​Port Planning and Operations Nil​
​MT4104 Information Technology Management​ Nil​