Postgraduate Programmes


Programme Structure

MSc (Mechanical Enginering) with specialization in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NA-ME)

The option with Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering specialization is available to naval architects and marine engineers working in ship design and technical consultancy, and marine engineering fields.

This specialization is aimed:

  • to meet the evolving technological and operational needs in the marine and offshore industry
  • to equip MSc MECH graduates with the advanced principles and knowledge of NA-ME to be knowledge leaders and potential researchers
  • to meet technological advancement in NA-ME industries and to exploit modern science and technology as well as to innovate and create new product and solutions

Specialization Requlations

The NA-ME Specialization comprises of 30 AUs and requires candidates to:

  • complete four (4) core courses in MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • complete four (4) NAME specialisation courses
  • complete two (2) other elective courses OR a dissertation related to Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Conditions for The Award of Specialization

  • declare your intention to undertake MSc MECH with Specialization in NA-ME within course registration period II (in early August) in the first semester of your candidature
  • achieve minimum CGPA of 2.50

Please read the conditions for the award of the MSc degree programme with Specialisation which you are applying via here.

MSc (Maritime Studies)

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the shipping industry have identified that the shipping practice and business in Singapore should be elevated in order to enter into the regional and global arenas.

This is a strategic development that would uplift the local business practice and knowledge to a higher echelon in the international shipping scene, associated with business management, international shipping finance, chartering, and other related issues.

This MSc programme is developed to fill the gap and provide post-graduate level and high-value education for professionals in maritime and related business; elevating them from local business management to one of the international and global business settings.

The foremost intention is to provide young graduates and middle-management executives working in maritime related areas an avenue for higher education. The programme will also be suitable for graduates who wish to be involved in the maritime profession. The education would provide them with necessary knowledge and tools to form the next generation of shipping executives.

This programme is conducted jointly by NTU and the Norwegian Business School (BI)​ and leads to the award of the MSc (Maritime Studies) degree by NTU which has been presented the Excellence in Training Development award at the Singapore International Maritime Awards (IMA) 2009. NTU is honoured in recognition for its outstanding contribution to Singapore’s maritime education landscape.

This MSc programme is recognized by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS). Exemptions of ICS professional examinations can be granted by ICS Singapore Branch to the MSc (Maritime Studies) degree holders. Please contact ICS Singapore Branch for application of exemptions.

For more details and information, please refer here.


MSc (Mechanical Enginering) with specialization in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NA-ME)

Four (4) compulsory MSc MECH Core Courses:

​Course Code ​Course Title ​AUs Semester​
​M6104 Advanced Mechanics of Materials​ 3​ ​1
​M6801 ​Advanced Thermal Engineering ​3 ​2
​M6802 Engineering Measurements​ ​3 ​1
​M6803 ​Computational Methods in Engineering ​3 ​2

Select four (4) out of five (5) NA-ME Specialization Courses:

Course Code​ ​Course Title ​AUs​ Semester​​
​M6810 ​Ship Design & Construction 3​ ​1
​M6811 ​Ship Hydrodynamics ​3 ​1
​M6812 ​Ship Structures ​3 ​1
​M6813 ​Ship Dynamics ​3 ​2
​M6814 Marine Engineering​ ​3 ​2

MSc (Maritime Studies)

Core Courses (Compulsory)

Course Code​​ ​Course Title AUs​ Pre-Requisite​​
MT6201​ Shipping Management 1​ ​3
​MT6202 Shipping Management 2​ ​3 MT6201 Shipping Management 1 ​
​MT6101 Project Management​ ​3
​MT6102 Maritime Economics​ ​3

Electives (Not all Electives will be offered each semester)

​Course Code​ Course Title ​AUs​
​MT6103 Strategic Planning​ ​3
MT6104​ Cross Cultural Management​ ​3
​MT6204 Ship Operations, Brokering and Chartering​ ​3
​MT6301 Maritime Logistics​ ​3
​MT6302 Port Management​ ​3
​MT6304 Marine Insurance​ ​3
​MT6401 ​Environmental Shipping ​3


None at Present​​